Wahi Ata Noho

Wahi Ata Noho is CO-‘s competition entry for the design of a meditation hut in Hauraki Plains. The proposal is a quiet place conceptualized as a vertical labyrinth. The intimate space is designed for individual meditation sessions, where the user may move up and down the cabin, pausing at each platform. By ascending and descending, the user may experience different levels of sunlight or shade. Additionally, their surroundings will change, influenced by changing scents and sounds as one’s proximity to the tree canopy or the ground shifts. This guided freedom becomes a manifestation of the common body scan meditation technique in real space.

Wahi Ata Noho  elevation

Central to the scheme is a continuous void through the structure that establishes a direct connection between Ranginui (Sky Father) and Papatūānuku (Earth Mother). In having the earth and the sky be visible from any moment in the structure, we are continuously encouraged to relax and reflect on tranquility when looking up. We feel grounded and protected when looking down. This volume allows for the elements – light, air, rain – to enter the space. During group meditations, individuals seated on any of the platforms throughout the structure can still hear and interact with the rest of the group.

The entire structure is shrouded in a woven cloak that accentuates the project’s undulating form with a rhythmic pattern. The cloak is composed of 850 four-sided pieces of tightly woven fabric, crafted and sourced through an outreach program with the local community. Any participant, young or old, who is interested in being involved with the project can tailor their piece of the wrap as they wish. When all the pieces are gathered and stitched together, the structure will forever be embraced by the whānau who made the space a reality.

Wahi Ata Noho model
Wahi Ata Noho meditation hut plans

Cerro Luna Health and Wellness Center

CO- was commissioned by Inkandescent Health and Wellness to design, finance, and build their flagship Health and Wellness Retreat Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The retreat center is envisioned as a hospitality and event center that offers a variety of amenities centered around health, recovery and relaxation.

Cerro Luna Health and Wellness Center Horseshoe aerial

Located on a 50-acre site in the heart of the Chihuahuan desert, the retreat center will provide 6 independent guest rooms, a yoga studio, meditation rooms, health and wellness spa, community kitchen and dining area, reception and lounge area. Built out of rammed earth, each guest room is designed as a standalone cabin with views of the Organ and Bennett Mountains. The architecture is designed to concert with the classes, trainings and events provided by the full-service retreat.

CO- is also assisting Inkandescent in developing the financing plan and securing private funding for the retreat center.

Cerro Luna Health and Wellness Center models

Sunset Community Space

Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Sunset residential district, the design for a 1500 square foot tenant improvement in a long vacant ground floor commercial space seeks to provide a space for both community learning and engagement. The design creates a clear distinction between public and private spaces with all the private programs such as storage, kitchen, bathroom and mechanical rooms pushed to the rear of the building. The design then proposes a ceiling hung track system with curtains to create moveable partitions within the public space delineating the workshop and the art gallery.

Sunset Community Space facing the classroom
Sunset Community Space facing the gallery

The new center will provide a place for people to learn about the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) development process, including financing, permitting, and how to hire design and construction professionals. Located in a predominately Asian-American neighborhood the ADU Center will also double as a small community center and art gallery for local artists.

Sunset Community Space facing the kitchen
Sunset Community Space program diagram
Sunset Community Space plans