Marina Residence

The Marina Residence is a new fourth floor addition and a complete interior renovation of an existing multi-unit building. The project expands the third floor unit into a two-story penthouse unit, centered around an interior stair that serves as the domestic heart of the building and the center of family activity.

Marina Residence exterior

The fourth floor addition fits into the context of the residential neighborhood while standing apart from the Victorian styling and bay windows that characterize mid-century San Francisco architecture. Defined by a thin shell that lands lightly on the existing building, a series of portals take advantage of the project site to open up towards a series of signature views of the city by the bay.

Marina Residence core

Small Homes for the Sunset

To address the city’s dire housing shortage, CO- was commissioned to produce a preliminary study of potential Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) models for San Francisco’s Sunset neighborhood. Many mid-block parcels throughout the city include underutilized rear yards that can be redeveloped into small homes to help address the demand for more housing in the City.

CO- created three distinct proposals for a standalone 550sf ADU for the client’s consideration. Each ADU includes a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a small living space. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding context of the Sunset, the ADUs are developed to respond to the massing and materials of the neighboring single-family homes.

CO-, in collaboration with the San Francisco ADU Center, will produce a collection of designed and permitted ADU models that can be adapted to new sites across the City.

Sujung Hillside

Sujung Hillside proposes a model for community housing that adapts and innovates Busan’s hillside architecture. By combining 325 residential units with community and commercial amenities, parking, and recreational open space, the project establishes a coherent and connected urban moment while also creating space for personal interaction. Three community and commercial linear buildings align with the street grid and connect with the existing city fabric. These amenity buildings contain a variety of public and private green spaces, retail storefronts, children’s daycare, senior community center and access to subterranean parking. Four residential bars exist above, two of which are reoriented to face due south and connect directly to the public amenities below. The residential floors are tiered and set back so that every residential unit has unhindered south facing exposures and sweeping ocean views.

Sujung Hillside courtyard interior
Sujung Hillside diagram
Sujung Hillside site plan

The site is nestled in between two very different contexts, beautiful green forests exist to the north and residential and commercial buildings to the south. The facade of each building is designed specifically to respond to each condition. The northern facade is designed with a highly reflective surface, a hiker at the top of Gubong-san looking towards the city would see a continuation of lush green forests reflected back. The southern facade is designed in respect to the surrounding urban fabric. The buildings are terraced and the facade is faceted to blend in with the terraced housing to the south. Vibrantly colored panels are proposed across the residential facade as a homage to the vividly colored residences that are dotted across Busan’s cityscape.

Sujung Hillside facade
Sujung Hillside plan – upper
Sujung Hillside perspective section
Sujung Hillside Unit Interior
Sujung Hillside corridor interior

The Valley

The Valley is an icon that is shaped by the aspirational values of the 21st century. Situated in the center of the contemporary cradle of innovation, the twin peaks of The Valley are the urban landmarks that San Jose’s skyline lacks. The Valley is comprised of two landforms emerging from the eastern and western edges of Arena Green. Named after prominent women leaders from San Jose’s civic history, Vice Mayor Iola Williams and Mayor Janet Gray Hayes, Mount Iola, and Hayes Hill provide new space for gathering, active leisure, biodiversity, and sharing history and art. The two peaks represent the dynamic spirit of the people of San Jose and provide them with a platform to view their city in a way that they have never been able to before.

The Valley aerial view

Embarcadero Residence

CO- has commenced a renovation of a 2000sf apartment in downtown San Francisco. The 5-bedroom unit will be renovated with a new kitchen, bathrooms, finishes and appliances. The renovation includes custom millwork in the kitchen and bathrooms, and stone, ceramic tile and hardwood finishes throughout the unit.